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Painter and sculptor Gino Boy was born in Sini, province of Oristano (Sardinia), in 1943.
Boy left Sardinia when he was very young. First he moved to Turin to attend a school ran by the Salesian order where they encouraged him to pursue his arts and painting interests. Then he worked as a flight controller in Milan and Rieti. Today, Boy lives in Rieti, the city also knows as the "Center of Italy", but he never forgot his roots and his strong connection to his native island: Sardinia.

Boy's artistic career officially began in 1972 when he started to attend art shows in the most famous ateliers in Milan, particularly the ones exposing Roberto Crippa and Ibrahim Kodra. During his multi-year career, Gino participated in several national and international competitions and art shows. His artworks were exposed in many cities all around the world: Firenze (2015-2018), Perugia (2005), ArteExpò - New York (2000), EtruriArte – Venturina (1999), Spoleto (1998), Bruxelles (1996), MiArt - Milano (1996), Cagliari (1996) e Genova (1973). He currently collaborates with Rieti's Chamber of Commerce where he provides his insight and puts his art at the service of the community for its development and growth.

In 2009 Gino Boy created an artwork-award that was donated to the winner of the literary prize "City of Rieti". The artwork was presented to Paolo Giordano, winner of the Strega literary award. In 2013 Boy's artworks are exhibited at Teatro Della Concordia in Monte Castello Di Vibio (PG). In 2015 Boy unveils his personal exhibit in the Mentana art gallery in Firenze. In his native Sardinia, Boy is working on the "Cavallini della Giara" monument that, designed and ready to be built, will homage Giara horses, a Sardinian horse breed. Giara horses will be represented together with Sleipnir, the mythical Norse 8-legged horse ridden by Odin.

What sets apart Gino Boy is his continuous reference, in all his artworks, to the history and myths of the ancient Celts. So much so as to define his own art as "Celtic Art". The creative universe of Boy is, first of all, a set of virtues including the Relationship between man and God, Knowledge, Respect, and Loyalty. Themes that are towered over by the Woman, symbol of Life and Spirituality. A message that is willingly against the grain and that, as Gino Boy says, is opposed to "the period of decadence in which we currently live, and glorifies internal beauty over appearance". Headless and limbless shapes then arise in Gino Boy artworks, sketched in their generic shapes; metaphors and symbols of an higher reality. Every shape made of rich colors, masterfully composed and with intense vitality, as if they were coming out of the canvas to envelop the audience.

The life-long goal of Gino Boy is cathartic, a conscience wake-up call, loyal to the classical idea of the Vates-poet.

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Gino Boy is an timeless artist, who walks on the footsteps of the ancient Celts, a mysterious and almost forgotten European people.
Boy is a painter, a sculptor, and a ceramist. He was born in Sardinia in 1943, but he has been living for the last decades in Rieti, Latium. In his paintings there is no concession for figurative painting. All is about powerful colours and round shapes, summoning a whirlwind of alchemical and mythological symbols. The Templar, the Shaman, the Shawn-Woman, the Warrior Maiden: these are just a few titles of his most celebrated pieces of art. These titles themselves give a clear indication about his art, that he calls "Celtic art".

But how did Boy begin his career?
"I started painting when I was just a boy, in the primary school. It was the beginning of the ‘50s – replies Gino Boy – Then I kept studying art in Turin, at a college ran by the Salesian order. There I found a fertile ground for my skills. I even won an art scholarship, but my father decided I could not go. He wanted me to have a more conventional career. This is why I decided to enrol to the Italian military air force, and I moved to Milan".

So Boy became a professional soldier, but he kept painting, following his soul.
"I was a frequent visitors of every art gallery in Milan, but I was never fully satisfied of the exhibitions there. Then I had an inspiration. It was all in my surname, Boy, the same Celtic tribe that used to rule the city of Bologna before the Romans came (IV century B.C.). So I started studying the history and the art of that ancient people, and I never stopped".

What do you believe is more fascinating of the Celts, whose history is between reality and myth?
"The Celts had the highest regard for spirituality, and for a number of immaterial values, such as Knowledge, Respect, and Loyalty. We cannot touch them with our hands, but they should guide our lives. These are very humane values and the Druids were their guardians".

And what was the role of women, who are often depicted in your pieces of art?
"Women are the shrine of Life and Knowledge. Our society is often discriminating women, while we should always keep in mind that women and men are equal. The Celts knew that and therefore they kept their women into the highest regard".

During his long career, Gino Boy has been exhibiting in Italy and abroad, including New York City. But the total number of his public appearances is not so high as you could expect… why so?
"I believe art, true Art, is a constant and intimate research, that needs silence and meditation. I like doing exhibitions, but they are not my priority. The ultimate goal of my art is to create a link between People and the Divine. I do not follow fame or success, I feel lucky enough to just being an artist".

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My name is Gino Boy, I come from an ancient and magic people: the Celts...
They were men of great intelligence, great observers, travellers, and artists. In Celtic society, Artists were in a privileged position similar to that of aristocrats. On the other hand, today an artist has to work hard to express himself because there are no more lovers of beauty and because the press and art critics have emphasized the values of SEX - SUCCESS - MONEY. All this at the disadvantage of both harmony and spirituality through which the Celtic People ("considered barbaric" for their time) left a sign in time.

My art is founded on the research of the sensibility and spirituality of the inside face of the woman; meant as a bridge between man and the creation of the Universe. A reference model to the inside growth of the whole of humanity.

My art works can be defined like spiritual pattern born to express a sort of mysticism along with a positive vision of human fate. My art is conceptual and, in order to understand better what I mentioned above, I will conclude with a poem of mine, which encloses this humble exposition.

In the dreams of time
lives again the mysterious magic
of a far away world
where the sea dew is enraptured
by a new day
to find us united
in Perpetual Love*

* The word "Love" is intended as
an impulse towards sensible beauty,
man is led through an ideal world,
to the supreme good.

Gino Boy


sweet, noble and romantic mistress, I look at you in the garden of time,
listening to a whispering between two silences.
You appear in the mysterious world where I look for answers
and meanings. Help me find your wide path, Dwelling
Truth, Wisdom Beauty, Harmony Humilty.
I would fly high to the sky towards virgin peaks
with sweet dawns and majestic
sunsets framed by iridescent rainbows.
On my way back from the garden of time I would admire your eyes
shining like sea-dew amongs oaktrees while getting old in love with you.

To buy an artwork, send an email to ginoboy@ginoboy.it

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